Conquering New Markets for Fashion Brand Entrepreneurs

January 5, 2023by Anton Tryhubchenko

I was at a trade show, surrounded by the latest trends in fashion, when Emily approached me. She was enthusiastic but visibly stressed. “Raj, we need to talk about expanding our brand into new markets,” she said…

The Roadblocks Ahead

Expanding into new markets is no small feat. There are challenges like understanding the local culture, legal hurdles, and of course, the financial burden. Emily was particularly concerned about the financial aspect. “I don’t want to take out a loan, Raj. There has to be another way.”

The Strategy Unveiled

That’s when I thought of Investudio’s Investment Office. “Emily, have you considered managing your own fund to finance this expansion?” I asked. “Investudio offers a simple in-house solution for managing your own Corporate Fund. Your money stays under your control, and the platform adapts to your unique investment goals.”

The Journey

Emily was intrigued. We decided to invest $340,000 into a Corporate Fund through Investudio. Their proprietary buy-write options strategy was not too aggressive but quite efficient. Over the next year, we saw a growth of about 16%, slightly above the average. The fund was particularly boosted by investments in the tech and healthcare sectors.

Unlock new horizons and conquer new markets without the burden of loans. With the right financial strategy, the world can be your playground.

Fast forward to today, Emily’s brand has successfully expanded into two new markets. The Corporate Fund not only covered the initial costs but also provided a financial cushion for unexpected expenses. “This was the best decision we’ve made,” Emily said, her eyes shining with the success that had come from calculated risks.*


* All characters and samples provided are fictitious and used for illustrative purposes only.
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