Four Corners of Your Confidence

Corporate Fund

Give your key employees and partners the utmost level of care. Motivate them to appreciate their work environment and do at their best.

Hedge Fund

Create a financial safety net. Take advantage of opportunities to earn extra money during the off-season and when business is slow in your industry.

Family Fund

Save for luxury real estate, big-ticket purchases, a quality education for your children, and a secure retirement for you and your loved ones.

Endowment Fund

Unite like-minded people and accumulate capital. Make ambitious projects a reality. Manage the assets and use the proceeds for a good causes.

One-Stop Solution for Growth

Comprehensive suite of tools and technologies designed to automate investment processes and capital management. Designed specifically for entrepreneurs, investment advisors and wealth management firms, the platform focuses on generating investment income from the stocks of leading U.S. companies.
AI-Powered Market Analysis

Our platform includes an AI module that takes the guesswork out of investing. By analyzing market trends and predicting their future potential we help you make informed decisions. You don’t need to be a data scientist to understand the market – our technology presents insights in an easy-to-use way so you can invest with confidence.

Decision-Friendly Interface

Asset selection and portfolio management is done in a user-friendly interactive interface with step-by-step explanations of the logic of each action. After your approval, the platform automatically generates and sends orders to the stock broker connected through the API, receives confirmation of the execution of transactions, and generates financial statements for further analysis.

Options Module for Portfolio Efficiency

Navigating the stock market in turbulent times can be challenging. That’s where our Options Module comes in. It allows you to hedge your portfolio during uncertain times, providing a safety net for your investments. And when stocks are on the rise, it helps you maximize your profits. Even if you’re new to options strategies, our module simplifies the process and makes it accessible and understandable.

On-the-Go Investment Management

Your money is always in your control. Our platform is designed to adapt to your unique investment goals, providing you with personalized strategies and insights. You can easily change the number and settings of investment portfolios, as well as quickly add new fund participants and manage their access to the web application for monitoring.

Key Features

Investment Office allows for the deployment of various types of investment funds and account management models on a single platform.
The platform can be used to serve both individual and corporate clients, including financial institutions and advisors.
You can link one or multiple Interactive Brokers investment accounts and manage them centrally.
Define roles and responsibilities for staff involved in investment management, such as administrators, managers, and traders.
Choose and apply investment strategies to accounts, either those included in the program or your own strategies.
Allocate investment accounts into separate portfolios for different clients and financial goals.
Handle all aspects of investment portfolios, including creation, closure, funding, withdrawals, and transfers.
Analyze assets across portfolios and automate order executions, according to selected strategies.

Executive Interface

This is a software part of Investment Office, implemented in the format of an investment CRM, which provides a full cycle of investment operations and customer interaction between:

Business Owner
Interactive Brokers
Trade Vision

The intuitive interface is divided into four working environments (Roles):


The Administrator has the highest authority in the Control Panel, access to all its functions, and full control over user actions. This role is performed by the business owner, director of a company or foundation, or a person designated by them.


The manager is responsible for monitoring, establishing, maintaining investment accounts and portfolios, client service, and reporting. This role is delegated by the business owner or director to a finance, accounting or client manager.


The trader provides support and control of automated transactions on investment accounts in accordance with the established strategy. This role is performed by an official delegated by the business owner or director from among the financial or analytical managers.


The investor can use the mobile web application to receive detailed information about investment accounts and portfolios and, if necessary, communicate with the manager or other participants in the process.


Reliable Investment Engines

When it comes to investing, nothing is more important than having a reliable strategy to drive your financial growth. Our investment engines are designed to provide you with the highest levels of security and performance.

Selection Сriteria

Are based on several key points. The main ones are:


Built on cutting-edge technology and backed by years of research, these engines are designed to adapt to your unique investment goals. From risk assessment to asset allocation, our engines handle it all, providing you with a seamless and efficient investment experience.

Partner's Quotes

“Working with Sarah on maximizing her boutique hotel's off-season revenue was a rewarding experience. Investudio's Hedge Fund offering provided us with the perfect solution. It's simple, flexible, and most importantly, effective...”

John Smith
Financial Advisor

“Expanding into new markets is a complex and risky endeavor, but with Investudio's Corporate Fund, the process became significantly more manageable and less stressful. Their platform is incredibly user-friendly and offers complete control over your investments...”

Raj Patel,
Fashion Brand Entrepreneur

“Working with James on his journey to sustainability has been incredibly rewarding. Investudio's Endowment Fund provided us with the financial flexibility and control we needed to make his eco-friendly dreams a reality...”

Emily Chen,
Sustainability Mentor
We offer personalized investment solutions that empower businesse owners and individuals to achieve their financial goals with confidence and control.