Innovating in a Competitive Landscape for Startup Founders

January 1, 2023by Anton Tryhubchenko

I was still buzzing from the energy of the tech conference when William approached me. He had been in the audience during my panel discussion on innovation. “Maria,” he said, “I need to expand my product line, but I’m not sure how to fund it…”

The Challenges and Choices

The tech industry is a battlefield, and William’s startup is no exception. He needs to innovate to stay ahead. But innovation requires capital — something William was short on. He had considered various funding options, including venture capital and bank loans. However, each had its drawbacks.

The Investudio Solution

That’s when I introduced William to Investudio’s Investment Office. “It’s a simple in-house solution for managing your own fund,” I explained. “You’re in control, and there are no legal complications.” William was intrigued. He decided to invest $400,000 into a Corporate Fund, aiming for a 15% annual return to reach his goal of $500,000.

The Journey

William followed Investudio’s proprietary buy-write options strategy. The initial months showed promising results with a 10% growth, mainly from tech stocks and renewable energy sectors. However, there were some drawdowns due to market volatility. But William stayed the course.

William’s quest for innovation was not just a dream but a calculated, achievable goal, thanks to Investudio’s Investment Office.

A year later, William had reached his target, accumulating $460,000. Although he fell slightly short of his initial goal of $500,000, the fund provided him with substantial capital to begin the expansion of his product line, making his startup more competitive than ever.*


* All characters and samples provided are fictitious and used for illustrative purposes only.
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