Maximizing Off-Season Revenue for Hotel Owners

February 4, 2022by Anton Tryhubchenko

I was at a financial seminar when Sarah approached me. Her boutique hotel was the talk of the town during peak seasons, but she was struggling to keep the cash flow steady during the off-seasons…

The Roadblocks

Sarah’s primary challenge was the seasonal nature of her business. She had tried various marketing strategies to attract customers during the off-season, but the results were far from satisfactory. The problem wasn’t just filling rooms, it was about maintaining a steady revenue stream year-round.

The Strategy

That’s when I introduced her to Investudio’s “Investment Office.” It’s a simple in-house solution for managing your own fund. “Your money is always under your control,” I assured her. “And the best part? No legal complications. It’s just a form of managing your investment accounts.”

The Implementation

Sarah was intrigued. We decided to start with a $900,000 initial investment in a hedge fund focusing on the hospitality and tech sectors. The first quarter showed a 6% growth, primarily from tech stocks, while the second quarter faced a minor 2% drawdown due to some volatility in the hospitality sector.

Maximizing off-season revenue is more than just a business goal. It’s about financial stability and peace of mind. With Investudio, Sarah found a way to make her money work for her, even when her hotel rooms were empty.

Within a year, Sarah’s investment had grown by approximately 15%, adding an extra $135,000 to her revenue. It wasn’t the full $200,000 she aimed for, but it was a significant step in the right direction.*


* All characters and samples provided are fictitious and used for illustrative purposes only.
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