Empower Your Business

Investudio's platform tailors to your unique investment goals, offering personalized strategies while keeping your money securely managed at Interactive Brokers. It's not just about financial gains, it's about evolving as a savvy business leader.

In today's competitive market, your team is your greatest asset. Our Corporate Fund goes beyond being a mere financial tool—it's a long-term investment in your team. Picture a workplace where everyone is fueled by the collective success of the company, contributing to both personal and organizational growth.

Navigate market uncertainties with confidence. With Investudio's Corporate Fund, you're investing in more than just money—you're investing in business stability. This fund serves as your financial safety net, allowing you the freedom to make bold decisions without the financial stress.

Boost Team Morale, Boost Profits

When your team has a financial stake in the company’s success, productivity and morale skyrocket. It’s not just about bonuses; it’s about creating a culture of collective success. The result? A more engaged team and a healthier bottom line.

Navigate Volatility with Confidence

A well-managed corporate fund serves as your financial safety net, giving you the freedom to make bold business moves. Whether it’s entering new markets or launching new products, you can act swiftly and decisively, even in uncertain times.

Customize Your Financial Future

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all investment strategy? With a corporate fund, you can tailor your investment portfolios to align with your unique business goals. Take control, adapt as you grow, and steer your company towards unparalleled success.


Your Roadmap to Investment Success

Embarking on the journey of corporate investment doesn't have to be daunting. Our comprehensive guide breaks down the process into four manageable stages: Account Setup, Software Configuration, Role Assignment, and Trading Operations. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth and successful investment experience.
1) Account Setup and Goal Definition

The first step in the algorithm involves opening a corporate account with Interactive Brokers. This is followed by defining the objectives and terms of the fund, including identifying the participants, specifying the investment amounts, percentage shares, and setting the timeframes.

2) Software Installation and Initial Configuration

The second phase focuses on acquiring the Investment Office software. After the purchase, the next steps are to install and configure the software according to your needs. Funds are then deposited into the Interactive Brokers account to prepare for trading activities.

3) Account Linking and Role Assignment

In this stage, the corporate account is linked to the Investment Office. Roles and responsibilities are distributed among the participants. An investment strategy is chosen, and the account is divided into various portfolios to align with the fund’s objectives.

4) Trading and Portfolio Management

The final step involves initiating stock market operations and managing the portfolios. This is also when the ongoing support for fund participants begins, ensuring that everyone is aligned with the fund’s goals and strategies.


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    Key Features

    Analytics & Automation

    Analyze assets across portfolios and automate order executions, according to selected strategies.

    Account Management

    You can link one or multiple Interactive Brokers investment accounts and manage them centrally.

    Strategy Selection

    Choose and apply investment strategies to accounts, either those included in the program or your own strategies.

    Portfolio Management

    Handle all aspects of investment portfolios, including creation, closure, funding, withdrawals, and transfers.

    Client Service

    The platform can be used to serve both individual and corporate clients, including financial institutions and advisors.

    Role Assignment

    Define roles and responsibilities for staff involved in investment management, such as administrators, managers, and traders.

    Portfolio Segmentation

    Allocate investment accounts into separate portfolios for different clients and financial goals.

    Leverage Our

    We offer personalized investment solutions that empower businesse owners and individuals to achieve their financial goals with confidence and control.